About Us

Organization Summary


Tiljala Shed is a grassroots level non government developmental organization working for the underprivileged population for the past 29 years. Our special emphasis is focused on the rag pickers community who have been neglected and socially ostracized by the so called civil society over the years. Rag Pickers can be traced back long time ago. They have been collecting the garbage and make a living out of the garbage dumped. Their professions have never been recognized and the governments have not been able to address their key issues for their survival. They have been practically living along the railway lines or the canal side squatters and with no toilet or drinking water facility. Tiljala Shed has been working very closely with this community for the overall development and to up lift and bring them into mainstream society. We provide education to their children and connect with corporates for enhancement of their livelihood opportunities in solid dry waste collection.

Founded by individuals from the ultra-poor areas in which the organization operates, the ventures of Tiljala SHED are based primarily on extensive first-hand research which was recognized as the essential foundation for effective action. The organization’s grassroots strength, perseverance and impact have gained both government and international recognition over the past 29 years of its operation, with many of the projects being sponsored or co-sponsored by external agencies. In a biography of the organization and the founder Md.Alamgir written by Jeremy Seabrook and Imran Ahmed Siddiqui, the authors express that “Tiljala-SHED reflects both the possibilities and limitations of what can be achieved”, and through the various case studies and examples in the book capture the great potential of the organization to create change given the much needed assistance.

Dedicated Volunteers from Tiljala slums and adjoining areas realized the needs of the people, suffering and hardship of the children and women made the volunteers to act which gave birth to this organization.  Initially they work closely with government programs on poverty alleviation, health, immunization, physical improvement in the slums. Gradually it developed and connected itself to the broader forum of NGOs participated and implemented national and international project on children’s and women empowerment.

We have completed 29 years successfully and everything is on good record in the government and donor agencies. Our audits and evaluation are being done by external agencies appointed by donor agencies. We continuously explore to bring in good governance within the organization. The organization encourages youth and dedicated persons, who want make a change in the lives of those who have been historically neglected in our society. Tiljala Shed aspires to bridge the gap between the affluent and the marginalized. We have been recently awarded by Guidestar India for the Advance Gold award for transparency.

Objectives/ Goals
-To rehabilitate rag pickers and other urban poor engaged in hazardous employment into mainstream.
-To rehabilitate high risk rag picker and street and working children through institutional care.
-To encourage education and develop a culture that will create an environment where education becomes a possibility for the marginalized.
-To increase participation of women and youths in leadership and decision making at household, community and national levels.

Past Year Objectives
-To bring sustainable change in the lives of urban/rural poor through participatory governance.
-To bring sustainable development in health, nutrition, education and protection of child, adolescent and women in need.
-To restore the basic rights of the children through social participation, community awareness, advocacy at the policy making level and also through direct welfare activities.

Past & Current Year Achievements
-Achieved more than 90% institutional delivery among Rag Pickers Community which was not even 50% three years back.
-Achieved more than 90% in immunization (0-5 years children) among Rag Pickers Community which was less than 40% three years back.
-Achieved more than 50% legal entitlements like voter card, pan card, ration card, etc. for the rag pickers community who are not recognized by government agencies.Through continuous advocacy and lobbying we were able to convince the bureaucrats the need of these vulnerable communities.