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We work to empower the city’s most underprivileged and marginalized groups, especially the rag picker communities.


Tiljala SHED is a grass roots, apolitical, non-religious, not-for-profit organisation

We work hand in hand with various communities especially women and children.
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Jeremy Seabrook
Lee Alison Sibley
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  • Rights & Entitlements Program

    EMPOWERMENT– This is what sets Tiljala SHED apart from other NGOs.  Not hand-outs but enabling people and communities to transform themselves. Vocational Training, livelihood grants, empowering communities to take up their own cause, facilitating the liaisoning with government agencies for acquiring voter cards, birth certificate and other legal entitlements etc. Tiljala SHED has facilitated the…

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  • Livelihood Program

    The livelihood program started in 2015 with the online crowdfunding platform Global Giving Winter Gateway Challenge and Tiljala SHED came first. With an initial seed money, Tiljala SHED started rolling the loans to rag pickers. Initially it was very difficult to recover from the beneficiaries. Then we started forming group of women naming CIGs (Credit…

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  • Education Program

    Education is one of the first and most prominent programs of Tiljala SHED. Tiljala SHED has been imparting education since the inception of the organisation in 1987. It all started with one classroom at Tiljala and has now expanded to many more classrooms across Kolkata. Initially the target of Tiljala SHED was primary students as…

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Completed Projects



Emergency Food and Medicine for Kolkata’s Poorest

Educate Destitute Girls


Educate Destitute Girls in Kolkata, India



Education for 600 Vulnerable Children in Kolkata

Alternate Livelihood


Alternative livelihoods for 500 ragpicker families

Open Shelter

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Registered under FCRA,1976 Under Ministry Of Home Affairs, Govt of INDIA, New Delhi.

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Some Love From our Angels

Lee Alison Sibley

Lee-Alison Sibley-

Educator, Writer, Performer,USA

I am in awe of what they have accomplished and I shall continue to support them in their efforts – it is my human duty to do so.

Sebastian Haye

Sébastien Haye –

Managing Consultant, E4Tech -Switzerland.

What strikes you in Kolkata is the power of life, it is the energy TSHED staff and their beneficiaries are spending every day to improve this reality and help the next man.

Jeremy Seabrook

Jeremy Seabrook

English author and journalist

The devotion of teachers in some of the girls’ schools in particular, was deeply affecting, since they were giving their services often for very small reward.

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