Anja Petschel – MA in Sociology, graduated from University of Bielefeld, Germany

ANJA PETSCHEL (Germany) I came to Kolkata in July 2010 for doing a three months research on Muslims in India, their identity construction/ negotiations of belonging and the question of Affirmative Action. Another researcher introduced me to Md. Alamgir, one of the founders of Tiljala Shed, and he as well as his son Shafkat and[…]

Lee-Alison Sibley-Educator, Writer, Performer,USA

When I first visited Tiljala SHED in 2002, I was appalled by the dire poverty of the neighborhoods in which TSHED was working. In fact, I could not hold back my tears when watching the children in their cement block school, dressed in their raggedy best, smile for us and dance for us. The experience[…]

Jeremy Seabrook – English author and journalist

I have known of the work of Tiljala SHED for many years, and I think I first met Mr Alamgir in the early 1990s. At that time, I was struck by the authenticity of Tiljala and the genuine closeness to the people of all who worked there. In 2010/11 I was privileged to collaborate more[…]

Sébastien Haye, Switzerland. – Managing Consultant, E4Tech

I decided to discover India when I was 21 and I landed in Kolkata with eyes and ears wide open. I was welcomed by TSHED staff, who took me with them in their daily work and showed me the reality of millions of underprivileged childen, women and men thriving in Kolkata’s slums. It is hard[…]

Tunde Csepelyi

Tunde, PhD, Teacher in Reno, Nevada, USA I had the privilege of working with Tiljala SHED in June, 2018. I experienced firsthand the remarkable work they are doing in Kolkata. Education, women empowerment, and work training for girls are only a few examples of their work. The enthusiasm of the staff is as it must[…]